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Sep. 3rd, 2007

Last update for awhile.

Since I will be in London - I made a special blog for it. If you want to check it out the link is:


Aug. 14th, 2007

It is too hot.

Wednesday (August 8th): I worked recovery from 10am til 2pm and thought I was gonna die because I was still so tired from Lollapalooza.

Thursday (August 9th): I worked with my mom at the pharmacy, then worked that night at Kohl's doing ad set from 8:30pm until 2am.

Friday (August 10th): I mowed my grandparents lawn and nearly baked. The high for the day was 103 degrees and that isn't even calculating humidity. I went to lunch with my aunt and then I worked from 4pm until 11:30pm in the fitting rooms. Do you see a vicious pattern?

Saturday (August 11th): I went to Kohl's with my mom and I got a bunch of new clothes for Europe. I really need a new coat, but I will probably have to buy that myself because I doubt my mom will buy me another coat. I worked that night from 9pm to 2am doing ad set.

Sunday (August 12th): I woke up reasonably early given that I got home after 2am the night before. I mowed my great aunt's lawn and nearly baked once again. My mom and I went to a movie (No Reservations) and had popcorn and soda for lunch. I worked that night from 5:30 - 9:30, grabbed some dinner, then went to my aunt's for our movie-thon. We went to Kroger and got a bunch of junk food. We watched Catch A Fire and Life is Beautiful. I feel asleep at little after 3am and kept waking up. We finally went to bed a little before 5am.

Monday (August 13th): We slept in until around 2pm, I made my going away to Europe party invites, ate some watermelon, went to the post office, then came home. I ate supper, my mom and I made an excellent dessert, then I watched tv and lounged.

Today I slept in, did some errands and housekeeping and watched Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon.

Artists of the week to be added later....

Saturday (August 11th):

Aug. 7th, 2007

Already August - Redwalls show and LOLLAPALOOZA 2007

Saturday (July 28th): I went to a movie (License to Wed) with my mom, we all had supper before I went to work that night.

Sunday (July 29th): I went to church, ate lunch with my parents, rested up before I had to work from 4 to 8pm.

Monday (July 30th): I worked with my mom at the pharmacy, went to the gym, ate supper then went to work from 9pm - 1am.

Tuesday (July 31st): I did not do a whole lot. I lounged around and put off things that I had on my list of things to do.

Wednesday (August 1st): I slept in, took a shower, Maggie came over, we ran errands then left for Nashville around 2:30. We got to Nashville around 6pm and walked around then went to the Hooka bar across the venue - it was kind of freaky and weird. We then went to Cafe CoCo and I got a salad, some chocolate cake (delicious but expensive) and a strawberry cream italian soda. I would love to go there again sometime when I go to a show at exit/in or the end. We walked over to the end about an hour before the show and no one was really around except the opening band (The Lonely Hearts) and a friend from Webster who works at a recording studio in Nashville came up and talked to us for a bit before he went to grab something to eat. A couple members from The Lonely Hearts talked to us and they were nice. They let us in and there were not a lot of people around and everyone went to sit at the tables on the side, so Maggie and I didn't want to stand by ourselves on the floor so we went over to the bar and sat with my friend, Buster, (the one who works at the recording studio) and The Redwalls. We sat and talked to Buster while the opening bands played and the Lonely Hearts were not bad. The Redwalls came on, so Maggie, Buster and I headed to the front row and enjoyed the show. Afterwards, Maggie and I both bought the new version of Universal Blues and t-shirts. We had them sign out setlists and take photos with them. We said our goodbyes to Buster (Thank you, Buster, for offering us to stay with you since it was so late) and headed home. We got home at 4am. It was brutal.

Thursday (August 2nd): We woke up late and I went and mowed 2 lawns before we left around 4:30 to head to Champaign to stay with one of my parents friends. We stopped in Arcola, Illinois to eat dinner with Maggie's grandmother then went to my parents friend's, Cindy, house and went to bed early because we had to get up at 4:30 to catch our train to Chicago at 6:10.

Friday (August 3rd): The train did not leave until 6:30 because it was running a tad late, but it came from New Orleans and it was brand new and niiiice. It had a sky lounge where you could sit on each side and see out the huge side windows. That is where we sat. We got into Chicago around 8:30, went to CVS to buy sunscreen and band-aids then took the subway to our hotel on Michigan Avenue. We couldn't check in yet because it was too early, so we left our bags with the concierge and headed to Grant Park for Lollapalooza. We saw The Fratellis then went and bought some stuff at the Lolla Store. I bought a Spoon tee, Lolla shirt and Lolla poster. We went and sat in the shade and waited for Maggie's friend, Aditi, before going to more shows. I went and saw a little bit of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and Jack's Mannequin, while Maggie and Aditi went and saw Viva Voce. We met up at the Myspace tent and got our picture with The Fratellis then went and saw a little Sparklehorse. They pretty much sucked, so we headed over to get ready for G. Love and Special Sauce and saw M.I.A. We saw G Love then saw a bit of the Black Keys and Femi Kuti & The Positive Force. Maggie and I watched Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals because I wanted to see him, while Aditi went and saw Daft Punk. Maggie and I went back to the hotel, got some food & drinks from the gift shop and ordered a Chicago pizza.

Saturday (August 4th): We got to Grant Park for Day 2 of Lolla and Aditi and I saw I'm From Barcelona while Maggie went to stand at the AT&T all day because she wanted front row spots for Muse that night. They were INCREDIBLE. I love them to pieces now and I think it is awesome that they have 29 people in their band. They put the Polytechnic Spree to shame. Aditi and I then wen t and saw Tapes n' Tapes and Second City comedy. I went to go see Sam Roberts Band while she went to see Stephen Marley. I went and saw a half an hour of Stephen Marley while drinking a peach tea and eating some guacamole and chips. I then walked to the other end of the park to see some Cold War Kids and Motion City Soundtrack. I went on and saw Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah then left that early and caught the last half hour of The Roots while waiting for Regina Spektor who went on at 5:30. I got 2nd row for Spoon and it started to rain. I went onto the other end of the park to see Interpol and freezed my ass off because it cooled down once it rained. I met back up with Aditi and Maggie around 10:30 then we headed back towards Michigan Avenue on the subway. We all wanted Jimmy John's, but it was closed so we ate at McDonald's then headed back to our hotel and were in a super goofy mood. It was a fun night.

Sunday (August 5th): The last day of Lolla. We got to the park and Aditi and I went and saw the 1900s, while Maggie sat in the shade and watched them from under a tree a little ways away. We all went over to the Improv comedy and saw Second City again hoping it would be better with a different skit, but it was the same as the one Aditi and I had seen the day before so we left and went over to the stage that Amy Winehouse was gonna be on. She was pretty good. Maggie and I left after 3 songs because we wanted good spots for Paolo Nutini. We ended up with 2nd row and he was good - as usual. After Paolo we all got beverages - I got another peach tea - then went and saw Iggy and the Stooges. We watched around and watched The Wailers on the opposite stage then turned again and saw Modest Mouse on the stage across the field. We catch TV on the Radio and stayed for one Pearl Jam song because none of us liked them too much. I was wearing my Obama shirt and several people (all guys) came up to me and grabbed my arm and expressed extreme support and love for him. We ate at Thai Spoon and Aditi and I got delicious Thai bubble tea. Yum. It was good. We all headed back to the hotel and Aditi's sister, Artie, picked her up because she lives in the city and goes to med school at UIC. Maggie and I stayed up talking then headed to bed because we had to get up around 7 the next morning to make sure that we made it to Union Station by 8:30 because our train left at 9:15am.

Monday (August 6th): We got ready, left and got to the train station about a half an hour before the train left. We got good spots and I took a 2 hour nap before arriving in Champaign. Cindy picked us up, we went back to her house to get my car, stopped in Arcola again and ate lunch with Maggie's grandma then headed home. I dropped off Maggie in Mt. Vernon where her parents were waiting and I headed home.

Today I did not do a thing besides sorta unpack and pick up my room. I work tomorrow morning. Blah. I still need sleep.

I hope this man tours in Europe before I come home in December. He is doing a fall US tour (it figures. add it to the growing list of artists that are touring in the fall that I will miss since I will be in the UK. I am semi-bitter, but I will be in effin' LONDON!).

He was super good live and the new album sounds promising.

2 artists of the week:

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

title or description

I recommend "In The Colors" on his myspace page - new song from the album that is not out yet.....along with "Waiting For You".


I'm From Barcelona

title or description


Jul. 27th, 2007

I want bubble tea.

Thursday (July 19th): I went and had lunch with my aunt at Harbaugh's, then went to work from 1:30 - 6:30. I came home, my parents and I went to the gym, then we went out to eat.

Friday (July 20th): I woke up late and mowed 2 lawns. We went to my grandparents house for dinner because my brother was headed back to St. Louis after being at the house for 5 weeks for one of his pharmacy rotations.

Saturday (July 21st): I worked out in the overgrown garden in the front, which is being a major pain in the ass and causing me to slowly up the price my parents are paying me. My family and I went out to lunch at Moe's, I got some gas while they went grocery shopping and came home and worked on my research paper.

Sunday (July 22nd): I went to church we my parents, we ate at Panera for lunch, then my mom and I went and saw Hairspray. It was fabulous. I want to see it again. Definitely as good as the on stage production that I saw a couple years ago. I worked from 8:00 - 1:00 am that night.

Monday (July 23rd): I worked on my research paper a tad, worked out the gym with the parents, then that night I worked from 8:00pm - 1:00am. Although, I didn't get home til after 2am because we didn't finish to almost 2am. Nice.

Tuesday (July 24th): I worked with my mom at the pharmacy, I worked on my research paper, we worked out at the gym, had supper, and I came home and watched the season finale of Kathy Griffin: Life on the D-list. I fully enjoy this show. She is hilarious.

Wednesday (July 25th): I wasn't as productive as I had hoped to be. I did some more on my research paper then went to work from 7:30pm - 1:00am.

Thursday (July 26th): I woke up, wrote an essay for my online class, mowed 2 lawns, came home and mowed half of my lawn, worked out at the gym, had supper, proofread and finished my essay that was due, proofed and finished my research paper and sent it in. It was due today and I got it in last night at like 11:40pm. Woot. I stayed up too late.

I got up at 6:30am this morning because I am stupid. I wanted to see if I could get 2 tickets to the second London Mayer show in September. I got 7th row, so I released them and ended up not getting any. Looks like I will be searching for ebay next weekend after general public sale tickets are released. I got 4th row for the first night. Not too shabby. I was gonna go back to sleep, but was wide awake....for about an hour. I started watching, "Mr Smith Goes to Washington", then fell asleep for like 20 minutes, then decided to just stay up. I watched Regis and Kelly, then went out and finished the lawn. I have a good amount of stuff to do today. Pick up my 2 checks from Kohl's since I never picked up last week's, go with my parents so they can get passports because they might visit me in London in the fall (probably my mom and not so much my dad), I want some bubble tea really bad, and they have a few other things they need to do.

But, I definitely need to go pick this up today since I didn't get to yesterday. I have been watching their studio diaries and I officially love Chris Walla even more than I did before.

Tegan and Sara's new cd

title or description


Jul. 18th, 2007

New Josh Rouse album. Woo.

Wednesday (July 11th): I did not do a whole lot. I laid around and was lazy. I worked out then went to work from 8pm and did not get home til 2am - even though I was suppose to get off at 1am and get home around 1:15am.

Thursday (July 12th): Our cable and cable internet were down and I woke up pissed because I had a paper to write for my online class and needed to send it along with another paper to my professor by the end of the day. I decided to go to my grandparents where I can usually steal someone's wireless. We have a router on our cable modem, so we get fake wireless, as I like to call it. But, I guess this neighbor actually has genuine wireless. I got the signal and was stoked. I wrote my paper, mowed my great aunt's lawn, ran home to get my ibook power cord because my mac was about dead along with my mom's sewing machine for my grandma (hers was broken), then headed back to my grandparents' house to put the finishing touches on my paper and send them off. I mowed their lawn then headed home. My parents and I worked out at the gym, then came home and ate supper. I laid around the duration of the night.

Friday (July 13th): I worked with my mom at the pharmacy. We ordered pizza and my friend Amanda came to visit. We ate, hung out, ran and got some bubble tea, and then came back and watched Open Season. We did not go to bed until around 2am and she had to leave by 5:30am to go back to St. Louis to do a family thing.

Saturday (July 14th): I woke up at 5:30am and let Amanda out. I went back to bed until around noon then mowed our lawn. I ran and picked up my check, picked up the new Spoon album along with a bubble tea (I am addictive...what can I say?). That night we had dinner at Walt's with my grandparents, parents, my brother and his girlfriend.

Sunday (July 15th): I went to church with the fam and Emily (brother's girlfriend) came along. We came home and they went to go take my brother's dog to the groomers. I did not feel like going out to lunch with them because I had to work from 1:45 - 9:30 that night, so they brought me back lunch. I worked and then came home and laid around. I ate some Taco Bell. That's it.

Monday (July 16th): I babysat to make some extra cash. I had to stay to 5 and was suppose to get off at 4. I worked out at the gym with the parents, then we had dinner.

Tuesday (July 17th): I laid around and was not as productive as planned. I went and sold some cds to PMac, got the new hear/say and Rooney along with some other neat stuff is in it. I worked out at the gym again with the parents then came home and watch Kathy Griffin's show. I pretty much love it.

Today I worked with my mom at the pharmacy. We weren't that busy, so I wrote my paper that is due tomorrow for my online writing class. I did some research for my research paper that is due next week - yikes. We worked out at the gym, ate dinner then mom and I watched Open Season because she wanted to see it.

I got this in the mail today and it sounds pretty good so far:

Josh Rouse's new cd

title or description


Also, current obsessions:

Rosie Odonnell's blog
Ross Mathews - Ross the Intern's talky blogs
bubble tea - a given
Kathy Griffin - Life on the D-list
Top Chef
America's Next Top Model

Jul. 11th, 2007

Recap. The new Sixers album is KILLER.

Thursday (June 28th): I woke up and mowed all 3 lawns. Blah. I was feeling bubble tea, so I went big and got a watermelon slushie AND a bubble milk tea. It is addictive.

Friday (June 29th): I had to wake up at the ass crack of dawn - 6:30 am - to catch a train to Chicago. We got to the city earlier than planned and went to our hotel in the theatre district. We grabbed some lunch at Potbelly's then walked around a bit, went back to the hotel to decide where we were going next, walked to the hotel that Maggie and I are staying at for Lollapalooza (it is niiiice and on Michigan Avenue right by the Apple store). My mom and I then caught a bus to Charter One Pavilion near Shedd's Aquarium and the Planetarium to go see Mayer, Folds and Brett Dennen that night from the FRONT ROW! We got there and went to our seats, Brett came on and I fell in love and he mentioned Barack Obama. I went over to the tent where he was signing autographs, bought a cd, had him sign it, talked to him about how awesome Barack is and got a photo with him. I also asked him if he was gonna be touring the UK when I am gonna be there this fall and he said maybe November. I hope he wasn't lying. Ben Folds came on and did pretty good, but I had to admit that I had seen better. John finally came on and I had to fight some bitches because they tried to get in the space between the front row and the stage. I was pushing them away and yelling at security to check their tickets. I was so mad. I was like this is the first time I have had front row seats for a John show and I sure as hell wasn't going to let some stupid bitches get in my way! After the show, my mom and I did not realize that the bus we took there stopped running in the early evening, so we caught another bus and didn't get off in time before we ended up in the worst part of Chicago. The bus driver told us we would have to get out and catch a bus going the other direction. We were scared for our lives. And we were only at the bus stop for a couple minutes before an amazing Chicago City cop picked us up and offered to drive us the 20 minutes to our hotel. He asked us if anyone tried to sell anything to us and told us that they were looking for a guy with a gun on the loose in that neighborhood. It was a pleasant experience to say the least and if it weren't for the cop, then I don't know if I would be alive. We got back to our hotel, ate some pizza then went to bed.

Saturday (June 30th): We slept in, ate at Lou Mitchell's, then went shopping. That night we ate at Buca Di Beppo then went back to our hotel and laid around because I had to get up at 5:30am to catch my train at 7am to St. Louis.

Sunday (July 1st): I woke up at 5:30 then got on a train to St. Louis and my brother and his girlfriend picked me up. We went back to my brother's condo, then to Target then to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for The Fray. We sat around in Emily's car at Dave and Buster's because the gates weren't open yet. We got to jump the line because we all had Verizon Wireless phones and ended up getting front row center spots in the pit. Mae opened and they weren't bad. OK Go pretty much ruled, especially when The Fray's crew came out in orange jumpsuits, mops, and a couple in speedos because it was the last day of the tour for Mae and OK Go. The Fray came out and let me just say that their new tour set is niiice and impressive. Dan from OK Go came out dressed like a girl when they did a Shakira "Hips Don't Lie" cover and OK Go's tour manager who is also a professional flame thrower came out and ate fire along with spitting it above the crowd. He spit it right above where we were standing and gasoline came raining down on us. We were covered and Emily and I got it in our eyes. Pleasant, nonetheless. We told the people at the front and the manager at Verizon Wireless told us that she would compensate for anything that was ruined and give us free tickets to an upcoming show. Emily e-mailed the management for The Fray and he is sending us free tour shirts and autographed photos. We got home and I went to bed at around 2am.

Monday (July 2nd): I had to wake up at 8am, go to work with my mom until 5pm then I went to work at Kohl's from 6pm to 1am. 15 hours total. Insane. I was worn out.

Tuesday (July 3rd): I went to work again with my mom, came home and ate some tacos with the fam. Emily was over and spent the night because her parents were out of town. My brother and Emily ran to Walmart and came back and surprised me with a bubble milk tea. It was tasty.

Wednesday (July 4th): I slept in, mowed our lawn, picked up my room then the family came over and we had a 4th of July cookout. It was nice. Bill (my aunt's finance) had his nephew there and we watched him shoot fireworks. Bill and my brother helped him and one came back and hit Emily's arm. We went inside after that.

Thursday (July 5th): I worked with my mom, we worked out at the gym and that is about it.

Friday (July 6th): I worked with my mom again at the pharmacy, came home and got ready then went to work at Kohl's from 7pm - 1am.

Saturday (July 7th): I laid around before I had to go to work at 8pm. I recorded Live Earth. I worked from 8pm to 1am.

Sunday (July 8th): I went to church with my mom, we had lunch at Arby's, did some grocery shopping, then came home and I worked on some homework for my online class.

Monday (July 9th): I worked from 4:15 to 10:00pm at Kohl's.

Tuesday (July 10th): I worked out at the gym, did some homework, then worked from 5pm - 10:30pm.

I know I have mentioned them before, but their new album came out yesterday and I got it in the mail and it is GREAT.

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

title or description


Jun. 28th, 2007

I got a job!

It has been almost a month since I updated this thing, but nothing big really happened that was worth mentioning. But, I will retrace my steps and recount what I remember from my lack of activity.

Saturday (June 16th): I woke up super early and my mom and I got all our junk together - well, my mostly my junk and I headed to my grandparents house because they were having a neighborhood wide yard sale. We got there at 8am to find that we were the only house on the block that had stuff out besides the lady that organized it. So, basically it was a bust and I only made $7. My brother made $8 and my mom made $1.50. Pathetic to sat the least.

Sunday (June 17th): Father's Day - my dad received Man of the Year (which, by the way is a good movie!) and my favorite clues to whom the recipient were - "He sells drugs.....legally and if you ask anyone they will say he has a rather dry sense of humor, but I like to refer it as more like....arid." The guy who gave him the award ad libbed a bunch and it was nice. My dad was completely surprised. We ate lunch together as a fam then my brother, myself and my mother went to my grandparents house so my mom could give her dad his gifts. We had cake and ice cream then went home.

Monday (June 18th): I had a job interview on Kohl's and pretty much knew I was gonna get it, which was much needed. I worked with my mom at the pharmacy. We worked out at the gym.

Tuesday (June 19th): I woke up early and went to my grandparents house to help my grandma clean out the garage and also clean out her cabinets and box up stuff because they are adding onto their house. I also got a haircut and I like it except one piece is bugging the hell out of me - it is too short. Oh well. I will live. Gym time again that night.

Wednesday (June 20th): I worked with my mom again at the pharmacy. We worked out at the gym.

Thursday (June 21st): I mowed 3 freaking lawns and thought I was gonna pass out. I did a little extra sweating that night again at the gym - I am trying to lose some weight this summer, although I know I will lose probably a bunch of weight in the UK this fall because I hear the food sucks and I will be walking a ton.

Satuday (June 23rd): I woke up at a reasonable time and my mother and I went out to tackle our overgrown garden in the front of our house. It was a pain in the ass, but I am getting paid to take care of it, so it was alright. We had popcorn for lunch at the movie theatre - we saw Surf's Up and it adorable. I would even venture out and say it was as cute as Happy Feet or better. I cried over animated penguins again. Go figure.

Sunday (June 24th): I laid around and did a little bit of homework/research for my writing class that I am taking online.

Monday (June 25th): I worked with my mom at the pharmacy. The modem was fried due to a storm the night before; therefore, every person with insurance (meaning 95 - 98% of customers) couldn't get their prescriptions filled. Translation: my mom and I were bored out of our minds because we couldn't fill medication.

Tuesday (June 26th): I sat around and did nothing.

Today I had orientation for my new job and it pretty much ruled because it was easy and I paid. However, it was super long and by 8:30pm all of us wanted it to be over.

I know I have mentioned this band before, but this video is pretty awesome.

Mute Math

Jun. 5th, 2007

short update. nothing too exciting.

Wednesday (May 30): I lounged around - didn't do awhole lot.

Thursday (May 31): I worked with my mom at the pharmacy then came home and mowed our entire lawn.

Friday (June 1): I sat around and cleaned up/picked up my room then went to my grandparents. We had dinner then sat around and watched tv. I went over to my aunt's later that night and watched a movie then feel asleep.

Saturday (June 2): I slept in and sat around the whole day. I hung out with my grandparents then that night my aunt and her fiance made dinner. We all sat around and watched tv. A lot of sitting around in this entry, eh?

Sunday (June 3): I slept in again, watched American's Next Top Model marathon on MTV with my grandma then headed home just in time for the MTV Movie Awards. I pretty much love Sarah Silverman and thought she was pretty funny. I am officially addicted to Amy Winehouse now and pretty happy she is gonna be at Lollapalooza.

Monday (June 4): I slept in late, laid around some more, played a game on the computer on facebook where there are song snippets and the faster you guess the song or artist/band the more points you earn. I am now officially a Music Diety with 16,000 points, which is pretty good since the most amount of points you can get per song is 10.

Today I took care of my dog, mowed 2 lawns and hung around with my grandma in her new swing and then came home and laid low. I just took a super low shower and now I am gonna sit back and watch some tv.

I still need a job, but things are looking up and I think/hope that I have a potential one in the wings. Plus, I have enough side projects/jobs to keep me occupied until I get a phone call from a quirky, little cafe and hopefully they want me. =)

May. 31st, 2007

a burst of pure enjoyment.

I know I already mentioned him, but I have to again because I pretty much adore this guy. Brett Dennen. I want both of his albums (amazon.com has them both - "So Much More" and "Brett Dennen: Digipak") and I am tempted to lay down the $27, but I might just wait til I see him in Chicago opening for Ben Folds and John Mayer. I would love to get picked to be a volunteer for Reverb at the Mayer show in St. Louis and then maybe I can sneak and catch a bit of Brett's set there, too. But, we will see. They always wait til the last minute to pick volunteers anyway...my hopes are still high. I digress....

title or description

Check him out. Please. http://myspace.com/brettdennen

May. 29th, 2007

I need a job.

Monday (May 21): All I did was mow and lounge around. This not having a secure job really blows.

Tuesday (May 22): I worked with my mom at the pharmacy. I felt a cold coming on, so I took a bunch of drugs in the morning and when I got home to kick its ass before it officially kicked mine.

Wednesday (May 23): I ran some errands and mowed my lawn at my house. I got the new Maroon 5 cd and I have to admit that it is lacking and definitely doesn't even come close to Songs About Jane. Bummer.

Thursday (May 24): I honestly don't remember what I did this day. It must have been a whole lot of nothing.

Friday (May 25): I painted my great aunt's foundation on her house. It was tough work. That evening I was gonna go see Kings of Leon in St. Louis because I got a free ticket, but I was too tired and instead hung out with my aunt. We visited my great aunt again because my aunt had to pick up flowers to put on tombstones for memorial day. We went out to eat, went to Target then got some ice cream. We went back to her house then to my grandparents house (which is next door) and my aunt put together the flowers while I played on my ibook and we both watched Because I Said So. I thought it was a good movie. I wouldn't mind owning it. We went back to her house and watched Man of the Year. I have heard bad and semi-okay reviews about the film and I absolutely loved it! It makes me believe that things like that actually happen. I wouldn't put it past the current administration - well, we at least know that certain parts of the plot of the film seem to hold true.

Saturday (May 26): I woke up and it felt like someone was stepping on my face. I had some major sinus problems and my nose was stopped along with a not so pleasant cough. I went grocery shopping with my mom at Sam's then we stopped a small, quirky cafe in town (where I would not mind working) called The Mix. There is also a recording studio connected to the cafe through a door and they have music on the weekends along with an art gallery. It is a really neat place and the salads and tea we had were really, really good. That night my mom and I worked at HerrinFesta and stayed for Blessid Union of Souls. The 5 songs I knew were the only good ones of their set, in my opinion.

Sunday (May 27): I skipped church and stayed in bed because I felt terrible. That evening I dropped my parents off because they volunteered to work the wine booth at HerrinFesta. I went on to my grandparents house, ate some dinner that my mom picked up at the festa for me, watched Catch and Release (it was an okay film), and hung out with my grandma until my mom called to come and pick them up around midnight.

Monday (May 28): I slept in the whole day and watched some films. I ate dinner that night that my dad made and that was the highlight of my night.

Today I didn't do a whole lot. I mowed 2 lawns and probably shouldn't have because I am still kind of sick.

Artist of the week:

I got his new cd, "Who You Are", free from Aware and I really dig it.

Cary Brothers

title or description


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